So what is the potato shop?

Depends how you look at it, really.

In the first instance, we’re a long-established grower of multiple varieties of potatoes on the fertile soils of the Rother valley at Tenterden. In fact, most of our potatoes are actually grown on land that formed the river bed of the Rother until about 1600, when the river was diverted from the northern side of the Isle of Oxney to the southern side, where it remains to this day. <Morghew Park Estate>

At another level, we’re a very popular honesty stall where you can buy 12 different varieties of potatoes, from 8am – 8pm, seven days a week and 365 days a year. (OK, we’ve never yet sold a bag of potatoes on Christmas Day, but we have sold them on Boxing Day (presumably to somebody who had made a terrible mistake, found us open and couldn’t quite believe their luck), and we’ve sold them on every other bank holiday of the year.) <honesty stall>

At another, we are suppliers of organic and conventional potatoes to some of the finest hotels, restaurants and gastro-pubs in the south east. <hotels and restaurants>

And finally, we are stalwart supporters of the ‘farmers’ market’ movement, which we see as immensely important in terms of reconnecting consumers with the primary producers of the food they eat.
<Farmers Market>

Morghew Park Estate,
Smallhythe Road, Tenterden, Kent, TN30 7LR